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About us

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We are the leading Travel Company with over 20 years of experience and a solid ground infrastructure to use the web to sell the Dominican Republic and Hawaii covering and operating all area of travel to To the islands. Offering and operating over 50 vacation and customized all-inclusive, fully-escorted, or independent touring with local guides.

Serving as a ground handler, tour operator, and full service DMC, we are the only full-service Dominican Republic Ans Hawaii travel company that owns and operates a fleet of deluxe vehicles, offering a complete range of meeting and event planning services for independent traveler, corporate and incentive groups. We are not a middle man.

Our large portfolio of Dominican Republic and Hawaii travel brands and products is design to help visitors find and plan the perfect vacation packages by providing visitors the information about the island and connecting travelers with local expert tour guides, concierges and tours & activities.

OneVibeGroup’s versatile brands focus on all stages of the Dominican Republic and Hawaii Vacation lifecycle: planning, designing, choosing, booking Hotels, Air, Tour & Activities, Transportation and Rental Car.
Our hotel and tours & activities database of more than 250 popular activities, private and exclusive tours and customized Dominican Republic and Hawaii packages— attracts a large segment of travelers both new and repeaters.

We are dedicated to empowering consumers with choices, inspiration and knowledge around the hotels they want to stay, activities and things they want to do, the restaurant they want to experience while in Their Caribbean or Hawaii vacation. We connect our visitors with the best local experiences and have a 24 hours local concierge.

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In addition, OneVibeGroup provides restaurant and vacations recommendations services to tens of thousands of vacationers, helping visitors to The Dominican Republic and Hawaii maximize their vacation by booking them with the perfect hotel and Hawaii tours & activities guarantee the best Dominican and Hawaii vacation ever!

OneVibeGroup serves the visitors full vacation stages of selecting their hotels and their things to do while visiting the islands. It starts with OneVibeGroup live database of more than 100 websites and mobile apps and over 250 tours and activities. OneVibeGroup operates the islands largest tour and activities portfolio on the web and mobile in addition it offers more than 20 exclusive Hawaii vacation packages.

OneVibeGroup is committed to empowering consumers with unparalleled selection, inspiration and knowledge of their vacation, and connecting them with the right hotel, tour packages with local advice and help. OneVibeGroup works with the best Dominican and Hawaii activities and tours operator, helping maximize money savings opportunities to visitors.

We know travel. We know the islands . We are from the islands. We believe in attention to detail, personal service and going the extra mile to make sure our guests experience the Caribbean genuine hospitality experience and Hawaii’s Aloha Spirit.

All our decisions are made on our mantra: We Promise to be the Best Part of Your Vacation!

OneVibeGroup is launched in 2002 and is headquartered in Las Vegas Nevada, with offices in Los Angeles, California, The Dominican Republic and Hawaii.