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About us

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Our Advantage

We have a distinct advantage over other travel & tour company, destination management and ground handler companies because we are locally owned & managed, maintain our own fleet of executive class vehicles including motor coaches, deluxe mini buses, touring vans and executive sedans. This means we can accommodate any size group, and save you money.

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Our Team

Is made up of local concierges, working with our guests to plan an epic Hawaii or Dominican vacation, and our local knowledgeable and fun tour guides will take them to discover the islands.  Each Ambassador  is carefully chosen and trained in professionalism, courtesy and cultural knowledge. They receive ongoing training to maintain our high standards. Experience the genuine spirit of the islands with with our experts. They will exceed your expectations!

Our Commitment

Is our dedication to providing quality and reliable services. Our goal is to consistently exceed expectations by providing visitors with a memorable Island vacation. 

Visitors Total Travel Solution: In addition to providing the most popular tours, we also offer airport lei greetings and transfers, private charters for groups, corporate meetings or special events.

Our Fleet

Comfort & Safety

Our vehicles are exceptionally maintained and immaculately clean. Reclining seats and air- conditioning provide maximum comfort on all tours. All of our vehicles are covered by our 5-million-dollar liability insurance.

Innovation in Travel Technology

Our state-of-the-art reservation and dispatching system allows us to rapidly respond to change and last minute reservations. Our Marketplace on mobile platform the web with unique online vacation solution the combines innovative, easy-to-use research tools with all-inclusive vacation packages, hotels and tours & activities.

Our Company Culture

Our People the islands  & Travel. We are frenetically relaxed yet fun and focused detail and Genuine hospitality.

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Our Mission

We believe that we are on Earth to enable each of our guests to discover the magic of The islands and experience it beauty We create emotional connections with our guests by promising and delivering the best part of their vacation.

Our local tour guides have earned the title of “ Ambassadors ” simply for their genuine urge to share the Islands Spirit and  it’s natural genuine hospitality. We Promise to be the Best Part of Your Vacation!